Our psychologists share the same commitment to excellence in psychological care, but operate autonomously. As such, practitioners set their own fees, and should be contacted directly for information regarding their fee structures.


You may make an appointment with one of our psychologists without a doctor’s referral should you choose to do so.

In order to claim a Medicare rebate, a doctor’s referral is required (see below for information on rebates). All of our psychologists are registered Medicare and private health insurance providers.



A Mental Health Care Plan entitles access to Medicare rebates for up to 10 appointments per calendar year. Eligibility for Medicare rebates involves the referring GP completing a Mental Health Care Plan to accompany the referral.

The Australian Psychological Society website provides further information in this regard.

If a referral is made by a psychiatrist or paediatrician, a Mental Health Care Plan is not required. However, the referring doctor is still required to lodge the relevant item number with Medicare in order to access Medicare rebates.

Medicare rebates can be claimed using the Medicare Express Plus app. Further information is available on the Human Services website or you can download the app directly:

Express Plus Medicare for Android | Express Plus Medicare for iOSExpress Plus Medicare for Windows

Private health insurance rebates

A referral is not usually required when utilising private health care cover for clinical psychology services, however eligibility for services needs to be ascertained with each insurer.

Rebates cannot be claimed from Medicare and private health care cover concurrently. Private health care cover can be utilised in the event that therapy extends for more than the 10 allocated Medicare sessions.


In certain circumstances, the fee for consultations may be paid by another third party, for example WorkCover, Insurance Commission of Western Australia, workers’ compensation insurance.

If you think that this situation may apply to you, please discuss with your psychologist prior to your first appointment.